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It’s Thursday so it’s ‘Read’s Ramblings!’ New Authors


Janet Read

New Authors

So much to do with so little time

Trying to do the housework whilst writing lines on crime

Not easy having a deadline to which we need to meet

This must be what they mean when they say

‘Thinking on your feet’.


What started with us together with a list of things to do

 Has now become an obsession and we’ve written books 1 & 2

It’s really unbelievable how our books are doing  well

But whether we get rich and famous, only time will tell.


If you’ve not already read the works of an RC Bridgestock’s novel

Then let me introduce you to the pair called Bob & Carol.

Their first book Deadly Focus, a huge successful hit

The second ‘Consequences’ will have you chomping at the bit.


White Lilies is the third book, soon to be revealed

A book signing tour in the future, but till then keep your lips sealed.

We are sure its going to be exciting and a series is beginning to form

New Authors in the making, taking you by storm.



Our Poetry Spot! ‘Read’s Ramblings’ A New Adventure!


Janet Read


 A shiver of excitement trickles down your back.

Where are you going, is this the right track?

To pastures new of-course where else is there to go,

A life to live and adventures to explore


Life is what you make it, isn’t that what everyone says?

Pastures new beckons each one of us, each and every day

Turn another corner and see what you can find

Another beautiful vision and a great peace of mind


The world is full of wonders and many pastures new

You must explore more and plenty, not just a few

Go on epic journeys and take the world by storm

Turn your life around this day not just noon till dawn


A spirit of adventure made to be explored

So many ways to pastures new, never to be ignored

Such a big decision, which way your life will go

One thing to remember it will always love you so.






A special poem from ‘Read’s Ramblings’ – for the March 2013 launch of ‘White Lilies’ by RC Bridgestock


Janet Read



It’s another new novel hot off the press

‘White Lilies’ the title and it’ll impress

DI Jack Dylan and his team, here again to solve the crime,

Gathering clues in the shortest of time.


Searching here and there, no stone left unturned

No snippet of information is discarded or burned.

Carefully creating the profile of a killer

Investigating the facts, a strong minded fellow


Not One, not two, but THREE great novels are here

RC Bridgestock, give them a cheer

Working hard with fictional stories to tell

From past reports and experiences of hell.

Book signing tours about to take place

Getting from A to B; joining the rat race.

A superb part in the Isle of Wight Arts Festival

Along side the great names, oh what a thrill!

We’ll wave them on with great delight

Hoping their journey will continue just right.

Impatiently waiting for the next book to be come

And DC Jack Dylan’s next move: to surprise us.


So here’s to all you people out there on the internet

On twitter, facebook and your usual daily net

Tune into RC Bridgestock and follow the news

A great crime writing team: inspiring views.


Go on then, check it out, and you will find, that the

More you read, the more you can’t wait.

Time is of the essence and your input is gladly received

Help us to create the feedbacks needed to please.



 Pre Order the book Now -  £5.99 from Caffeine Nights Publishers






It’s Thursday! It’s ‘Read’s Ramblings’! Look At Me!



Janet Read




Standing tall, feeling small


Is that a problem issue?


Thin as a latte but feeling fat


 As light as a 2 ply tissue.




Don’t eat too much or not enough


You need to look your best.


Diet and exercise will help you slim


But you must do the rest.




It’s Thursday! It’s Read’s Ramblings!

Janet Read


Watching The World Go By


I’m sitting in my car at lunchtime

I’m watching the world go by,

Observing the passing people

Somewhat feeling like a spy!


The park across is interesting,

The autumn colours abound

I’m sitting eating my sandwich,

No noise, just peace I’ve found.


Many different characters

Parade amongst the park

Whilst dogs investigate the shrubs and trees

Without a single bark.


It’s good to have a moment

To reflect with peace and quiet

Not rushing round chasing tales

And thinking about one’s diet.


The clock has still been ticking

Which means my lunch is now at an end

So take a tip from me my followers

Make the park your relaxing friend.


It’s Thursday! It’s ‘Reads Ramblings!


Janet Read




I have a little secret which I’ve kept untold

It’s been with me for a long time I cannot break the mould

No one else knows the details of this I’m very sure

I have to keep it forever, there really is no cure.


Whining, moaning and complaining will not get you anywhere

People try it everyday, but I really do not care

I will not release my secret to anyone whoever they maybe

This little secret stays here, nice and safe with me.


A colourful life I have lead, many a story I can tell you

If only I could put into words, I’m sure it would surprise you.

But like I said I cannot tell my secret remains untold

It will stay with me until the day, I am happy to get old.


It’s Thursday! It’s Reads Ramblings!


Janet Read




Good morning all, here we are again.

Another day at the office, so let’s all now begin.

First let’s update the ledger and sort out the post.

Make sure you make a separate pile for the things that matter most.


Chop, chop everyone we need to get this all done.

We don’t have time to chatter and drag our feet along.

Lots to do before lunchtime, all hands to the deck.

Better get moving quickly before we get it in the neck.


Another day at the office, oh what a hectic time.

Busy busy, busy, were at it all the time.

Soon be clocking off time and then home for that special unwind.

A time to relax with reflection on my colourful life, I find.


Jan 17, 2013

‘Reads Ramblings’ – The Town Hall Clock


‘Reads Ramblings’





Our Town Hall clock chimes out the hours

Grand and magnificent with a strong sound of power

The towns folk know when the clock rings

There is no mistaking this great time thing.


Loud and clear and every quarter the hour

The clock rings out from its Ivory tower

Keeping the time and letting us all know

‘Come on’ it says ‘it’s time to go’.


How does it know? How can it tell?

It’s always on time as if it knows you so well.

A meeting or appointment or a place to be.

Our Town Hall Clock is the best in Morley!




Jan 15, 2013

Carol’s ‘Close Up’ today with new blog Feature Poet Janet Read! ‘Reads Ramblings’!


Carol Bridgestock

 I am excited and pleased to be doing an interview today with Janet Read who is heading our new feature ‘Reads Ramblings!’. Janet is a Yorkshire lass born and bred… Come with me an learn more about our talented new poet!

Hi Janet!

Tell me and our readers abit about yourself.

I consider myself lucky, loved and cared for. I’ve always worked hard to earn a crust and now work within the Emergency Lighting and Fire sector, helping to promote safety measures around the world.  I must confess to never really being a career minded sort of girl, although I’ve turned my hand to a lot of different jobs in my life time. I do enjoy the social get together that working offers and the fact that it pays the bills!

 Okay, so you’ve won the lottery and don’t have to work anymore…

 If I won the lottery I’d be away with the fairies! I guess I’d have to do some serious thinking whilst soaking up the sun somewhere.  I would consider a villa here and there, maybe a vineyard or two, but I could never forget my family and all the help they have given me, they are all so very special… and of course my friends, everybody need them so it would be nice to give something back to mine.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? On occasions I like to put my feet up with a glass of wine or two!(Red of course) A nice meal and good company – perfect.

I once wrote a poem for a competition to create the slogan for the label on a bottle of well known ‘Bats Blood Merlot’ it did get acknowledged but it wasn’t successful enough for me to win the free case of wine, shame! Here it is!


      BATS BLOOD MERLOT, drink at your peril

 Dark and mysterious, red like the devil

              A masquerade of seduction, passion and charm

           Experience it’s flavour a legend in your palm.


I love my holidays, but who doesn’t and my weekends are precious. I adore walking and after being stuck in an office all week I like being outside in the open air. My favourite place is Allanbank House in Grassmere, one of the National Trust Sites, everyone should go there at least once it’s so tranquil and serene, it’s no surprise that Wordsworth was inspired there. The National Trust bought it and are now in the process of restoring it after it has been empty for years. The rooms are still quite sparse but visitors are invited to write their renovation ideas and good wishes and post them around the walls of the house. The National Trust want as much involvement as possible as to what they think should be done to the house and its wonderful grounds, you must all go and see!

Who are your mentors? 

My brother Bob and his wife are my mentors for my writing antics. They have both done so very well with their books, the competitions they organise to inspire others, especially children and their book signings… I’m so envious. They never stop working though, I’m sure that they work harder now than before they retired!

You mentioned your acclaim from the ‘Bats Blood Merlot’ competition, do you enter a lot of competitions?

I love entering writing competitions, whether it’s for poetry which are my favourite or short stories. I always have my scribbling pad and pen with me at lunch time whilst tucking into my sandwich. I write about anything really, whether it’s about people, the weather, situations I’ve found myself in, or even the town hall clock which you’ll read in my first feature @ Reads Ramblings which I am so excited about.

 Linda my friend is also an inspiration to me, both with her sewing techniques and her ebay selling. She’s is a very talented lace maker. She once made me a lace bookmark, it’s beautiful. We share all sorts of idea’s, sewing, dressmaking, writing and we also have days out together, she also likes red wine which is a bonus!

It’s been lovely chatting to you Janet. I’m sure ‘Reads Ramblings’ are going to be very popular. The first feature will be live on Thursday and every Thursday till we run out of your poems so keep ‘em coming!

C x





A poem written about our book signing tour- how kind… Look out for ‘Reads Ramblings’ Coming Soon!

A real treat to our followers on the blog… An additional spot we’re calling ‘Reads Ramblings!’ Poems by Janet Read. Watch out for my ‘Close Up’ with Janet soon…

A poem written about us – how kind…

A poem sent to us about a book signing tour titled … Crime Writers – RC Bridgestock

Looking through the eyes of an accomplished crime writer and his wife
Feeling all the excitement and the troubles and the strife.
Making all the plans for a two week book signing tour
Heads spinning with arrangements, emails, blogs and more!!

Alarm clocks set at the …ready
The start date has finally come
Bags packed and car loaded
Hope it all turns out good fun.

Everyday is a different venue
With a different tale to tell.
Meeting and greeting with smiles galore
How fast will our books sell?

Deadly focus and Consequences to name just the first two books.
Real life scenario’s written how the crime scene looks.
Dealing with the trauma’s experiences and emotions.
A day in the real world of police work and all its commotions’.

The tour is near to ending
The reviews and sales have been great.
Radio, TV and the press have followed our plight
Our customers encouraging us to sit down and write.

We hope with all our hard work and dedication we are able to state our name to fame.
We have lots more books to follow on, that’s the name of the game.
Thank you to all the people we have met along the way and the hundreds that have been in touch via email’s to have their say.
R.C. Bridgestock signing out, until the next time, remembers the name and look out for our books, our special claims to fame.