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Bob’s Tips To Ensure Everyone Has A Safe & Enjoyable Christmas

Christmas is a time for everyone to celebrate and have fun but it can also provide opportunities for criminals.
I just want to remind people to follow a number of simple steps which will help prevent your homes from being targeted.
  • Leave it till the last minute to put Christmas presents out under the tree and don’t leave them in view of a window.
  • If you are buying or receiving valuable gifts such as bikes, mobiles or electrical items register them for free at Doing this can assist the police in returning your property should it be lost or stolen.
  • Refrain from keeping large amounts of cash at home.
  • A secure home will reduce the chance of a burglary. Make sure windows and doors are locked and remove keys from sight every time you leave the house.
  • When you go out at night make it appear that someone is home. Draw the curtains and leave a light on. You could always put a lamp or radio on a timer switch.
  • Dispose of packaging carefully by breaking it down before putting it in the bin. Empty boxes left outside can advertise that you have nice new goods inside.
  • If you are going away for Christmas – Inform trusted neighbours that you are away and ask if they will keep an eye on your property and collect your post.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially sat navs and electrical items. If you must make sure they are not on display, store in the boot and make sure the car is locked.

Be safe! Have fun!

Merry Christmas!



Bob’s Tips to motorists to help prevent car crime during the festive season

Bob’s Tips to motorists to help prevent car crime during the festive season
With Christmas coming and the possibility that cars may have more items of value in them, police are reminding motorists to make sure they always lock and secure vehicles, no matter how short a time it is being left.
Most offences of theft from vehicle are opportunist. If valuable possessions (e.g. handbags, laptops, sat navs, iPods, mobile phones, cameras) are left on show inside a vehicle, it is much more likely to be targeted by thieves.
Even items of little value, such as shopping bags and clothing, may tempt a potential thief to break into the vehicle to see whether they contain anything worth stealing.
Statistics show that  a high percentage of all theft from motor vehicles is committed by car thieves exploiting an insecurity like an unlocked door or open window. A lower percentage however,  is still committed by smashing a window to reach items left on display.
Offences can take place during the day or night, with a significant proportion relating to vehicles parked on driveways in addition to when parked on the street or in a public car park.
The following section contains crime prevention and reduction advice for motorists and car park owners that will assist police and partners to reduce this type of vehicle crime.
  • Avoid leaving your purchases and presents in you vehicle. If you must make sure they are not on display, store in the boot and make sure the car is locked
  • Keep your car keys safe. Do not leave them inside your car or in the ignition.
  • Don’t leave your keys in a coat pocket.
  • Sports changing rooms can be targeted by thieves who look for car keys left in coat pockets.
  • Make sure that your keys are not visible to other people.
  • Always make sure your car doors and windows are locked.
  • Park your car in a garage.
  • If you don’t have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.
  • When using a car park, choose one that is well-supervised, has entry and exit points, good lighting and security. Avoid parking in dark spots.
  • Consider fitting security devices that are approved by either Thatcham or Sold Secure.
  • All security devices should be fitted by a professional.
  • If it’s portable, take the sat nav with you together with the support cradle and suction pads.
  • Wipe away any marks left by the suction pads as thieves will look out for these.
  • Don’t leave your equipment in the glove compartment – thieves usually check here first.
  • Consider fitting GPS or VHF tracking devices.

When The Clocks Go Back!

  Bob proud to be in uniform 1973 – well it is Halloween! ;-)

When the clocks go back!

Tis the season to wary,

Not because of Halloween, although that’s scary.

The clocks ’ave gone back and darkness draws in,

Now is the time the burglaries begin.


Don’t let your home be the one they spot.

In darkness, is anyone home? They think not.

Use timer switches for radios and lights,

Illuminate your home bright during these dark nights.


Put your mobile phone to good use and photograph valuable things,

Include serial numbers and those lovely rings.

Recovery of stolen property is usual when burglars are caught,

For every item an owner is sought.


If you spend time now and do things right,

The burglars will be locked up, not out at night.

So don’t leave it until later. Do it now!

No, you’re not busy, its important find time somehow.


So be alert keep your property safe and secure,

Look out for your neighbour too just to be sure.

If something suspicious is taking place,

Ring 999 the Police will arrive at pace.


Pass on information, be one of the mystery shoppers,

Use your phone to ring ‘crime stoppers’.

We all work hard for the things in our home and look after them with care,

So remember when the nights are dark the message is ‘burglars beware.’


Your home is your Castle,

And after working all day you don’t want to arrive home to hassle.

Security is really down to me and you,

Get switched on too.



A Criminals Mind – I’ve Sought, Interviewed, Arrested and Charged…


As the world celebrates Halloween, a little understanding on what goes on inside a criminals mind from a man who has sought, arrested, interviewed and charged them and is also an expert in body language. These people are often highly charming, persuasive and plausible – they have to be to lure their victims into their traps whatever type of crime they seek to commit. We have to be vigilant in deciding who we can trust, as the traits of a criminal are not written on their faces – if in fact we actually see them! Our crime novels might be fictional but the feelings, sights and emotions of DI Jack Dylan in relation to the perpetrators are written with 30yrs experience in the police force and 28 of them in CID. In fact the series which is co-authored by husband and wife team Carol and Bob Bridgestock have 47yrs experience in total in this field. The first in the Dylan series ‘Deadly Focus’ has 30 5* reviews (two editions) and its sequel released in June this year has 15 5* reviews, so far. A third is to be released at the beginning of next year. There is a promise of at least 6 in the series and each deal with a different crime and a way it is solved. It’s as near as you will ever get to fact in fiction. So for those who like to watch a horror movie between splayed fingers or behind a cushion these are also for you as you have the knowledge that the actual crimes are fiction. The novels are also in kindle and ‘Deadly Focus’ has just been released in an MP3 unabridged audio version narrated by the great Paul Ansdell ;-)

You can read more about some of the cases  Bob took charge of in his 30 yr career by googling Bob Bridgestock.