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Apr 14, 2012

Superstitious? Friday 13th?

Yes, you’re right first day in a hotel and Bob couldn’t resist the big breakfast… with extra’s! It’s amazing what you find out whilst having breakfast with others. The exremely loud bang we heard yesterday teatime wasn’t someone falling out of bed in the room above us, like we thought, but a sonic boom! Apparently two jets had been scrambled after a helicopter had given out the wrong signal – false alarm – phew!

Nice trip north. The River Trent was full of swans. Past Marston’s Brewery in Derbyshire – real ale  and no Bob we haven’t time to stop for a ‘quick one’! Fantastic scenery, dry stone walls creating a patchwork effect on the landscape, and the fields were full of new born lambs. Ah… What we did realise  as we travelled ‘over the tops’ was that the trees are only just showing the signs of budding, where as in the south they are blossoming. No doubt I will need to buy a new pair of boots as my feet in my flatties are freezing!!!

Holme Moss at the top of the moors, crossing over in direction of Huddersfield from Buxton, is 1714 feet above sea level; blobs of snow are still dotted around.

We did get a chance to get a picture of the moors where ‘Daisy Charlotted Hinds’ was ‘found’ by Mrs Day, for those who have read ‘Deadly Focus’.

 The moors where Daisy Charlotte Hinds was found and Dean Reservoir – ‘Deadly Focus’

 Finally we dropped down into Sowerby Bridge where Bob and I worked – me for 15 years and Bob for a short time as the Calderdale Detective Superintendent in charge of real murder enquiries.

Here’s a pic!


We had a lovely lunch at ‘The Works’ Sowerby Bridge If you’re in the area they serve home cooked food with a smile!

For all you fans of Scott & Bailey and At Home With The Braithwaites or  infact Unforgiven we met up with scriptwriter Sally Wainwright and her friend on the set of her new project ‘Last Tango in Halifax,’ which will be on TV in September. Lots of chatter to catch up and lots of  cups of tea – who knows what will happen next…

Must go to meet the people of Harrogate, North Yorkshire! :-) Yeah, Bob’s rushing me …. as usual! :-)





Apr 12, 2012

And We’re Off! 12/4/2012

‘OMG’ as the kids would say what a start! The cars central locking wasn’t working and the boot wouldn’t lock. Chipped nail and the zip broke in my handbag -  disaster and it’s not Friday the 13th till tomorrow!

Belle and Vegas (our Springer Spaniels) were not happy as we said goodbye.


With only an hour to get to the ferry (and it’s a forty five minute drive),we dashed around to our local garage. The staff at ‘Wilton’s in Shanklin,’ well what can we say but a great big thank you. Not that it took them alot of work – just experience. We had overfilled the boot and the censor had ‘kicked in’ – a few adjustments to the luggage and we were on our way – all mended.

Our ferry’s name was Wight Light and as it pulled into dock the local Isle of Wight County Press rang for an update on last Saturday’s launch – we only have one newspaper a week on the Isle of Wight.



The view from the bridge as we head towards Lymington Harbour

 Is Bob considering a new career do you think?

 Guess what? Not only was the sea calm and the sky blue but we were invited to sail on the Bridge with Captain Guy Digby. Now excitement isn’t quite the right word – ECSTATIC is better, and you can probably tell that by our faces in the pictures. The view from the bridge is something special and we will always treasure the memory.

  The drive to Bulkington through the splendour of the English countryside was pleasant. We stopped in Burford to stretch our legs and have a cuppa and whilst we were in the cafe the heavens opened – how’d that happened, it was glorious when we’d left the carpark minus our coats! We ran for the car, arrived ‘wet through’ and callapsed laughing as we realised Bob had taken the car keys out of his pocket and put them on the table in the cafe. He said he’d passed them to me, yeah right Bob. Can you imagine if I’d have done that girls?   Back at the car the sun came out and it didn’t rain again! The English weather eh?

Well now we are in our hotel room and looking forward to a nice meal. The hotel is in a little place called Bucklington, just off the Fosse Way. It’s a Great Western and rather lovely - I’ve taken a few pic’s for you to see.




Looking forward to tomorrow and we may just have a few surprises for you!

Night all! :-)

Carol & Bob x


A few interesting facts you might not know about Wightlink ferries.

Wightlink and its predecessor companies, has been operating ferry services across the Solent for over 180 years

The heaviest load was the transport of of steam locomotive number 41313 to the IoW Steam Railway, which with it’s tractor/trailer weighed in at around 70 tonnes. The load was too high to go through the deck so the St. Catherine went into Gunwharf ‘bows in’ and the trailer was reversed off at Fishbourne. Extra heavy loads require special sailing arrangements and careful positioning of other vehicles around them.

Not quite the heaviest load at around 60 tonnes, Thomas The Tank Engine is carried on a return journey every year for a special Isle of Wight Steam Railway event.

Over 1000 toilets are shipped for the IOW Festival annually

Stages for the Osborne House Concerts are carried each year

Various types of wildlife are carried, amongst the latest being a donkey for the Carisbrooke Castle’s water wheel

The history of Wightlink –

Carol & Bob asked Wightlink’s Sue Hemmings. ‘How did you come up with the names for your fleet of ships?’

‘The staff came up with the names of our cats Wight Ryder I and II (Portsmouth-Ryde). Wightlink ran a competition in the Isle Of Wight County Press for names of the Wight Class ships. (Lymington-Yarmouth) and the St Class vessels were names after Saints on the IOW. (Portsmouth-Fishbourne). Want to know more… About the fleet of ships –

D Day and the launch of ‘Consequences’ at Waterstones, Newport, Isle of Wight!

Well today was the day we launched ‘Consequences’, at Waterstones, Newport Isle of Wight!

The alarm was set last night for 7am but we didn’t need waking. Surprisingly enough we’d both slept – even though we were both excited about the event.

We have had the most fantastic day. The customers and staff were amazing – the place was ‘buzzing’! Thank you too to Maggie Jones the Deputy Chairperson of our writing circle who came along to hand outentry forms for our Island writing competition where we try to inspire others to read and write, especially children. If you want to know more  about the competition take a look at our website

We talked all day, or so it seemed – not unusual for us, those of you who know us might say!  Infact we were having such a good time that we forgot to renew the car parking ticket! This time we were lucky, and on dashing round to the car park half an hour late the car park attendent hadn’t been round to check - phew! Note to self, for I’m sure the attendents ‘up north’ will be keener in the cities – If you can’t put long enough in the meter due to a limit, as was the case today, put the alarm on your phone!!!

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Men don’t realise the preparation needed!

Us girls need our hair and beauty treatments and contrary to popular belief, it’s not always pain free, is it girls?

Two days to the launch in Waterstones Newport, and seven days to the start of the tour I realised that drastic action needed to be taken; to the resue the lovely, talented girls at Envy Hair & Beauty.

The salon is in Carisbrooke on the Isle of Wight and boy, has Carisbrooke got some history – I’ve attached a link to some interesting facts including the imprisonment of Charles 1st in Carisbrooke Castle.

Not many people know this but Bob and I were involved in the promotion and production  of the Carisbrooke Castle 1000 Year history DVD,  sold by English Heritage with Colin Carmicheal of 118 fame (the men with moustaches!)  Colin also recently starred in Eastenders – a very talented guy.

Guess who?


More about the castle –

Here’s some  more pic’s! 

No, you really didn’t think you see me in my foils and facepack did you – I’m writing the blog! :-)


Some of the team at Envy Hair & Beauty! From the left, Vicky, Chloe, Salon owner Kim Harwood and Kayleigh my hairdresser!



The Salon!



Vicky Wade the owner of the beauty therapy!






North v South

A week to go to our book signing tour and you wouldn’t believe the difference in weather today – 4th April 2012! 

Our  destination in the north which as you can see is deep in snow and we have sunshine below on the Isle of Wight!

Four days to go and Waterstones Newport have a window display!

Now we’re getting excited! Waterstones in Newport on the Isle of Wight have a window display with a huge ‘pop up’ advertisement for ‘Consequences’. Bob’s memorabilia, including his long service and good conduct certificate, Hostage Negotiator certificate etc… and copies of ‘Deadly Focus’ and ‘Consequences’! Why not take a look whilst you’re in town – but if you can’t, here’s the next best thing, a pic or two!


Ventnor Blog – Book Signing Event 7th April 2012 Newport, Isle of Wight!

Meet the local ladies who are  named-checked in our novels as Solicitors Perfect & Best! Mrs Yvonne Best (front) and Mrs Linda (Lin) Perfect!

Countdown to launch of ‘Consequences’! Radio Interview with Heather McCallum IW Radio Monday 2nd April

We start our countdown to the launch of ‘Consequences’ with a chat for IW Radio at 11am today. Heather McCallum will air the interview on her afternoon show one day this week - we will let you know ASAP. We always have a good laugh with Heather and chatted for an hour – don’t tell her boss – mini eggs went down well, she needs fattening up! Ten minutes recording will be edited to around three minutes air time. Off to see the window display at Waterstones tomorrow! Can’t wait – will post pictures!

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‘Consequences’ Tour Dates – 11am start unless otherwise specified.

Saturday 14th April – WATERSTONES – HARROGATE


 Monday 16th April – WATERSTONES – 93/97, ALBION STREET – LEEDS


Wednesday 18th April – WH SMITH – HALIFAX 6.  Thursday 19th April – WATERSTONES – WAKEFIELD

Sunday 22rd April we head southwards as far as Stratford-Upon-Avon

Monday 23rd April – WATERSTONES – STRATFORD-UPON-AVON for World Book Night and the celebrations of ‘Shakespeare’s life and works’ on the anniversary of his death.