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The Future of Policing



I have a positive outlook on most challenges in life, however at present I struggling to comprehend the continued dilution of our Police service.

During the past 20 years the emphasis in policing has been about performance and its monitoring, cutting costs whenever and wherever. This major focus remains a number one priority, crime and public order are simply distractions from the paperwork attributed to this.

We need to remember that officers have died in the line of duty, shot, stabbed, beaten to death or killed by vehicles. Gun crime has trebled and officer’s numbers are at their lowest for a decade facing like many other groups pay freezes and increased pension contributions. Yet we hear comments such as ‘We must ask Police Officers to do more for less.’

We are talking about devoted servants of the Crown, who put their lives at risk on a daily basis protecting others what more could be asked of these men and women?

The flesh has been removed and the service is a mere skeleton of what it used to be and as for the heart, dare I suggest it has been well and truly ripped out! A duty of care under health and safety? Or is it too late with one foot already in the grave.

It seems like a bleak horizon for the world renowned and respected law enforcers-

Political Commissioners—Lucrative deals for some to ensure compliance? And the Home Secretary appoints a ‘Police Watchdog’ with no experience of the ‘real’ world of policing. Perhaps confirming why she gets the ‘vote of no confidence’.

Policing in this Country continues to be diluted beyond belief and in the future no doubt a ‘time team’ will be employed to discover whatever happened to the thin blue line.

But what will replace the ‘British bobby’ one asks? Profit making privatisation, offering VFM? Street walkers or vigilantes driven by cost alone? I dread to think who the sleeping partners would be in these industries or who as a hand in ensuring fair distribution of the relevant lucrative contracts.

One industry that is booming in a time of world recession is the Government ‘Lip Service’ who like those before them are NOT listening to the people. What this Country needs is to absolutely support its Emergency Services-a duty of care to its population.

I finish on a positive note. I am proud to have had a distinguished career as a Police officer, having spent thirty years policing the community with loyal and devoted service. (Will this also be a thing of the past?)

Whilst I continue to write crime fiction. The Government needs to embrace reality! A new Home Secretary perhaps one that cares for the Public and the Queens peace.




Exciting times for crime fiction as ‘Deadly Focus’ is sold as a Korean translation!



Today our publishers made an announcement… SO EXCITED! Caffeine Nights announces first foreign rights deal Press release
7 November 2012

Caffeine Nights Publishing is pleased to announce its first foreign rights deal for RC Bridgestock’s novel, Deadly Focus. Deadly Focus is the first book in the D.I. Jack Dylan series by the husband and wife writing team, Bob and Carol Bridgestock and has been sold as a Korean translation to Geulhangari Publishers.

The deal brokered by Monika Luukkonen Literary Agency on behalf of Caffeine Nights and the authors and PubHub Literary Agency of Seoul on behalf of Korean publisher, Geulhangari Publishers will see the Korean version of Deadly Focus published in 2014 in paperback and eBook formats.

Caffeine Nights CEO, Darren Laws said. “We are always looking for ways to get our authors and books into new territories and it will be interesting to see how the Korean market takes to a truly British crime thriller. We want to thank Monika for making this deal possible.”

Carol Bridgestock, one half of the writing team with husband, retired Detective Superintendent of West Yorkshire Police, Bob Bridgestock also commented. “A good story is universal, though when we began writing the Dylan series, we never for a moment envisaged a Korean version of Dylan. It’s very exciting.”


Described by Natasha Harding of The Sun Newspaper as ‘A Cracking Story’!

Available from Caffeine Nights book store in paperback, e book format and audio book (MP3 Unabridged version)


Carol’s ‘Close Up’ today with Sam Taylor – Creative Director of TinkerTaylor who are specialist in films, motion graphics, brand animation and so much more…



Today I’m very lucky to be ‘Close Up’ to Sam Taylor the very talented Creative Director of Tinker Taylor …

Sam is not just a pretty face, she went to Kent University where she gained BSc, Social Anthropology & Psychology.

She spent several years at the BBC (Pebble Mill) and working for various Independent production companies, including ENDEMOL, MAVERICK TELEVISION, HOTBED MEDIA, HANRAHAN MEDIA, VENTURA PRODUCTIONS first as a researcher then as a Producer/Director. Then went on to work as Producer on My Kinda Show followed by being Producer/Director of BBC House Invaders - the interior  make over show show with Linda Barker & Anna Ryder Richardson &  BBC Garden Invaders – garden make over show with Joe Swiff, Charlie Dimmock and Mark Evans. She says, ‘It was a barrel of laughs to produce and we made literally hundreds of of home owners very happy indeed!’

 Now she is the the Creative Director of Tinker Taylor  which continue’s to grow and expand as the market dictates. She admits she has ridiculously high professional standards, both on screen and off. But her aim is to keep inspiring, encouraging and motivating her clients onto bigger and better things. To be the very best at what she does – and to make sure everyone working at TT enjoys getting up on a Monday morning! Too ambitious?  ’I think not,’ she says with a smile. Tinker Taylor are specialists in films, motion graphics, brand animation, websites, iphone apps, photography, carrier pigeon… we communicate by whichever means necessary to get our clients message heard. ‘ And they’re good at it!’

What inspired you to establish TINKER TAYLOR Sam?

After a decade working in the broadcast television industry, including several years at the BBC, my husband and I felt the time was right to start a family. I always loved my work in television but with two small sons, five nights a week on the road was no longer a viable lifestyle, so I decided to start my own production company.

So in a nutshell, what does TINKER TAYLOR do?

We are film makers, website designers and motion graphics specialists. We create eye-catching content for any screen and ensure our clients stand out from the crowd. All with a friendly, professional attitude and a creative edge!

Where do you work?

We are based in beautiful Fazeley Studios, which is home to many creative and digital businesses in Birmingham’s arts quarter, Digbeth. This is where our pre- and post-production work takes place but otherwise we might be found on location anywhere around the UK, camera in hand…or rather, on tripod.

Tell me about some of your recent projects?

We’ve just completed a series of eight short films called ‘Policing the Olympics 2012’, which celebrate the role of British Police Officers in ensuring the smooth running of the ‘greatest show on earth’. London 2012 was such a momentous event for this country and TINKER TAYLOR wanted to demonstrate just how important the police were in making it all happen. These films give a unique insight into the Games – from the Torch Security Team to the officers patrolling the skies, the Thames and on the ground. It was a real privilege to meet so many people who have a genuine passion for their work.

You’re clearly very proud of the Olympics project – what would you say is the project you are most proud of since establishing TINKER TAYLOR?

Well I’m proud of everything we produce at TINKER TAYLOR but yes, the Olympics films are especially close to my heart. The police don’t always get a positive press but with this series we hoped to challenge those perceptions and you only have to listen to the tourists praising the British officers to see what a fantastic job they do and how vital they were to the whole Olympic experience.  

If I had to pick another project I’m particularly proud of, it’s been great to work with Claims Direct over the last couple of years. We produce all the video testimonies for their website and I’m delighted that our films have successfully enhanced the business of such a renowned company. Our MOD Police campaign film ‘In Defence of the Nation’ is another project that’s made a tangible difference for the client, demonstrating how vital the work of this small part of the British Police Service is to national security.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever filmed?

That’s a hard question, as every project presents its own unique challenges. Logistically speaking, I’d have to say a project for Stanley Tools earlier this year was quite a challenge, as it involved dropping a spirit level out of a helicopter into a quarry! Finding the right location and equipment took a lot of research, but it was great fun.

A website we developed for the Police Dependants’ Trust was challenging in a different way, as we interviewed several people who had either lost loved ones or been severely injured in the line of duty. You have to balance professionalism with sensitivity, as in any job, but it was crucial to make sure these people were happy to talk to us and happy with the way in which they were represented on the website.

Who’s the most famous person you have worked with and what were they really like?

A highlight of 2012 was working with Sir Steve Redgrave, who was a guest speaker at the Police Federation of England and Wales Conference in May. TINKER TAYLOR helped to facilitate his appearance and he was such a charming, genuine man. We bonded over Radio 4! Another little claim to fame is that I produced Gregg Wallace’s first ever TV series, which was a 25 day trip round Italy sampling the cuisine. Gregg and I are still friends and he follows TINKER TAYLOR on Twitter.

So Steve Redgrave aside, who else would you like to share a cup of coffee and a natter with?

I’m more of a tea than a coffee girl, but I actually love chatting to anyone who has a story to tell and wants to bounce ideas around of how we can make that happen. People with a business to grow, an event to record, an issue to expose, a service to promote or a presentation to make, I’ll natter with them all…but business aside, a cuppa with Jenson Button would go down well!

So if any of our readers want to discuss promoting their business or filming an event you’d encourage them to get in touch?

Definitely! We’re a friendly bunch and always keen to explore new opportunities. Check out the TINKER TAYLOR website and drop me an email,

How do you relax in your spare time?

I’m an avid reader, enjoy running (slowly!), long walks along the coast and bike rides with my boys – the usual soul cleansing stuff!  I used to play rugby and am now a coach, love the Grand Prix and take far too much pleasure from drinking fine New Zealand wines.

Finally, what’s the best advice you’ve been given or best advice you’d give?

Be confident in what you do and always be nice to people! I think this quote also sums it up for me: ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind’, courtesy of the great Dr Suess.

Thank you so much Sam for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. If anyone wants to speak to Sam and thinks that Tinker Taylor can help them please contact Sam @ or through the website