Part 2. What do Babies, Book signings, Breaking News on the BBC, Princesses, Knights, Jane Austen and ghosts have in common…


Today, the 8th August Bob and I were very excited to be meeting a very famous person and for now that’s all I can tell you about it, (yelling EEK and jumping about with excitement), but I promise you all will be revealed in time …

In the car park, and with a smile that could have been associated with a Cheshire Cat, we  bumped into a colleague and friend from WYP, Chris Helme. Now Chris is a fountain of all knowledge and for any of you interested in the history of Brighouse and surrounding areas (DI Dylan territory) or brass bands, to listen to him would be your idea of a dream night out! Here is Chris Helme’s link to his website –

The 9th August and it’s my birthday. Brought all my cards and presents with me and as usual I was spoilt by my lovely family and friends. How old am I? Now, would you really expect a lady to reveal her age? ;-)

We met some of our oldest friends for lunch on the 10th August. You may have read about Dorothy the Duties Clerk and Janet, Chief Superintendent Walter Hugo-Watkins Secretary in the Dylan series. Here are the ‘named’ people in person!

 Bob with Janet to the left of the picture and Dorothy to his right in WHS Halifax.


We are very lucky to be invited back to Waterstones Woolshops – this shop must be the most beautiful Waterstones in the world (as you can see from the pic’s). ‘Deadly Focus’, as you have probably all read by now is out in Audio and so we launched it on this trip and at Halifax WHS and Waterstones Huddersfield Kingsgate. Here are some pictures of the places and some lovely people we met along the way and we promised to say ‘Hi’ to!

In the pic below at Bradford, Carol is holding up our very first copy of the enhances, unabridged Audio book  version of ‘Deadly Focus’, this audiobook is Electric Audio’s very first ‘full up’ enhanced production featuring sound effects etc which really brings the story to life. Something akin to radio play production, Publisher Caffeine nights. ‘Deadly Focus’ By RC Bridgestock is a crime thriller following a murder investigation through the eyes of the books main character DI Jack Dylan. It’s a really gripping story narrated by fellow forum member and narrator Paul Ansdell.

You can hear free chapter excerpts in our podcast series ‘Bookplugs’. Follow this link and select chapter 2. It’s free!

Visit publisher Caffeine Nights website here for more great titles:
For more information on author RC Bridgestock visit their site here: and find out what really sets them aside from most crime writers…

Electric Breeze Audio Productions say, ‘We are very proud of the final result and hope that this will be the first of many for DI Dylan and future releases.’

Statue of Richard Cobden inside Waterstones Bradford Woolshops building.

The stairs in Bradford Woolshops leading up to the landing and the Starbucks Coffee Shop!

The beautiful feature in the roof of the building. For more pictures visit

And onto Halifax WHS where we met the lovely Lisa Megson!

Today we had a phone call from Radio Leeds – not unusual as they often ask Bob to comment on one of their shows. This time it is the ten year anniversary of the Soham Murders When an anniversary like this comes about we can always remember what we were doing when we heard the news can’t we? It is nice to catch up with old friends and work colleagues on our trips north. Some who are still fighting crime on the frontline, supporting the victims. If only everyone did… The most dedicated ‘thief takers’ of the highest calibre are in the UK and we worked with the best. You can be assured that the police officers who work for you put their heart, soul and body into their job to protect us all. Now retired we are truly grateful to all those who have gone before us and those who are still in the job. Simply, thank you.

Onwards and upward to ‘Yorkshire Linen’ and the delightful two Michelle’s!

The most impressive and much taken for granted by me as a child, the Halifax Borough Market.

Dominating Halifax town centre, the impressive Borough Market, was erected between 1891 and 1896 and was officially opened by the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary). The exquisite Victorian architecture, much of which is still in its original state, makes this a building of great architectural and historic interest and hence the building is Grade II listed.

Today, enjoy the hustle and bustle of a thriving retail market with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Bob on serious police work, guarding the chocolates in WHS Halifax!

To Friday morning and we get a call from the BBC in Leeds @ 6am to say that they have breaking news that Ian Brady was thought to have given details of where Keith Bennett is buried and they ask Bob to comment on the matter on the 7am news which he did.

To Huddersfield and here I left my shoes! Thanks for saying you’ll hang onto them guys! No I’m not in the habit of walking around bare foot but as most authors will tell you that at book signing standing around on your feet all day ‘in heels’ (that’s me and not Bob), can give you mega sore feet! So I’ve learned to take a pair of comfy shoes with me – I’m not a modern day Cinderella after all. :-)

Sammy’s friend Kate!

The star of the show! Our newly born grand daughter at her very first book signing! Annabelle Rene Beckwith (Bella) aged 18 days old.

Bella with Nana, Mummy and Daddy! Gemma did a little diary of her own whilst she was pregnant with baby Bella @

Until tomorrow and the final part of our journey to see what Princesses, Knights and Ghosts have in common…

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday!

Carol & Bob :-)







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