Part 3! What do Babies, Book Signings, BBC Breaking News, Castles, Princesses, Knights, Stoneleigh, Jane Austen and ghosts have in common….

Leaving the north behind this time was harder than usual – a new grand daughter on the radar and three hundred miles between us and our lovely family and friends – although we know that they will all be ‘down’ to see us soon and we are lucky enough to have the luxury of not only telephones but mobiles, the internet and Skype to help stay in touch these days. So to Chesford Grange over into Derbyshire from Yorkshire – what a glorious sight!

For more information on the higest hills in the Peak Districk take a look at ://

We travelled past many of the scenes we have described in our novels, so we took a few pictures en route to share with you.

Our Dean Reservoir – Scene of dump site in ‘Deadly Focus’.

Moorland and a murder ‘dump site’ – ‘Deadly Focus’

Leeds Market Carpark – Consequences

The door to Tandem Bridge Police Station – The Dylan Series

The roadside view and section only of our ‘Harrowfield Nick’! The property store, carpark and further buildings are to the rear.

Our Sibden Valley – St Peters Park

The narrow bridge for only one vehicle to park – Scene in ‘Deadly Focus’ – Christopher Spencer Murder.

The start of Stan Bridge – Consequences

The long walk of the negotiator over Stan Bridge to the would be ‘jumper’ - Consequences 

 And we have many more to share with you throughout the series! :)

Chesford Grange was a lovely old hotel with many original features and was to be our home for the three nights – a rest but we were not prepared for what was to come! The food was glorious, some of the best we’ve ever had and the staff wonderful! We’ve got to give a special mention to Stacey our waitress!

Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth

Up fresh and early the next day we travelled to Kenilworth Castle and were treated to a rare day out as we were bot in turn taught how to be, act, dress like a Princess and Knight! For anyone wishing to take their children on a highly entertaining day out this is one NOT to be missed!

Being a princess at Kenilworth Castle!

And here are some more glorious pictures of the day out at Kenilworth Castle – especially for you Amma, Eva &  BF!

The Gate House

Looking out of the gate of the outer wall where the water would have been collected in years gone by.

An English Heritage project costing £1.2m has just been spent to restore the Elizabethan Gardento it’s former glory.

Hearts and entwined initials cover the graffiti-scarred walls of Kenilworth Castle, engraved into the soft red sandstone by generations of lovers for whom the castle has served as a romantic rendezvous… Come on Robert Bridgestock (Bob) you didn’t tell me you had been here before and in the 16th century????

And again if we weren’t already convinced by picture above!

Look how little their beds were!

But how big their doorways and tables were!

The beautiful windows.

And the ruins…


And tomorrow the final part of this tour. ..Stoneleigh, Jane Austen and the ghosts…

C & B x






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  • I waited for the 3 parts to be up before I commented. I have to say, you guys look like you had the most excellent fun!! Babies, boats, books and British people – love the photos as well. Great posts!!

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