Bob’s Thoughts As A Former SIO on ‘The Hillsborough Disaster’ News



The prime role of an investigator, as I was for 28yrs, is to discover the truth no matter how distasteful or embarrassing that may be. The investigation should be on behalf of the victims and to trace the perpetrators. It’s a sad day in our society when integrity has not been at the forefront of a major investigation into such a devastating incident such as the Hillsborough disaster. This will leave a deep scar in the life of the police service eternally and undermine the good work that so many hardworking and dedicated officers do on a daily basis.

Thank goodness the families have kept up the fight to make sure the truth is revealed at last otherwise it may have remained ‘swept under the carpet’ forever.

And I wonder how many people do you think saw, or had access to the documentation that was revealed to us, only yesterday?

My thoughts, as I am sure yours are, with the families.

For now,


Retired Detective Superintendent Bob Bridgestock  – West Yorkshire Police

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