Bob’s view – ‘Killed In The Line of Duty’

Bob has been asked many times over the last 24hrs on his personal thoughts regarding  the deaths of PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes and so he felt it right to share those with our readers. Yesterdays events were a shocking reminder of the debt we owe to our colleagues/friends/police officers, those who put themselves in danger to keep us safe and secure.

It goes without saying that our thoughts and I think the thoughts of the whole country are with the families of these brave officers at this impossibly difficult time, who were callously murdered responding to an alleged crime in action.

Yet again we have had to taste the bitter dose of ‘reality’. The news tells us about murders, people brandishing knives and guns to savagely attack and kill others every day. This tragedy will/has opened up all the debates that time and time again does the rounds. Is it time to arm all police officers? Should we bring back capital punishment? But it will be ‘lip service’ sadly not action I feel, as it always is by the powers that be. If we want our streets to become a safe place we need action!

Where is the deterrent I ask them, if it’s not in the courts of justice, the prisons, or on the streets?

Are we surprised that people carry guns or other weapons? Are you aware some criminals even wear bullet proof/stab proof vest? To me those perpertrators give out one clear message.

The review of the justice system is a mammoth, costly task – no wonder no one wants to take it on. But it is necessary otherwise what legacy will we be leaving our children?

I am angry and saddened by recent events, knowing for one that the killer will be kept in ’comfort’ and looked after, protected, for the rest of his life and who knows he may even successfully make a claim that his human rights have been breached during his imprisonment, for one reason or another. Punishment for him? Justice for Fiona, Nicola and their families, friends and colleagues?

The sad thing is like I said before the debates will continue, for a short time, the shocking news will take the ‘front page’… until it happens again, which it will as our precious ‘blue line’ fades away.

Fiona and Nicola may you rest in peace. You paid the ultimate price protecting your community – I just hope they realise that!




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