On Hillsborough. As a retired police officer who was ‘commanded’ by some of these people, sick to the stomach is how I feel.


When major incidents happen and people died,

The last thing we want to hear is a Police Officer lied,

Saddened, disgusted and repulsed is what we hear,

A further scandal against those we hold dear.

Year after year and as time has gone by, people have covered up this outrage and lie.

At last documents are disclosed, in the public eye.

On that fateful day in Hillsborough our friends and family didn’t have to die.

Those in charge made up a story looking us straight in the eye.

From the very start the families have worked tirelessly to uncover the truth.

Just as good, as any police officer sleuth.

Now it is time for those involved in this shameful scam to pay the price.

Over the years they have been looked after and living a life that’s been ‘very nice’.

For the bereaved there has been no closure but a continued fight to seek the truth.

Sadly those responsible still remain detached.

As a police officer, sick to the stomach is how I feel, others I know feel the same, right back to Robert Peel.

All everyone wants to know is the truth,

So those in the know can’t remain aloof.

Tears have been shed and the pain goes on for those involved.

Isn’t time for this crime to be solved?




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  • Dear Bob,
    I couldn’t agree more. Sad and angry beyond belief.
    I can understand how you feel.After twenty three happy and I hope successful years at the BBC in the publishing side of the business, I am reeling at the allegations now surrounding child abuse.
    Thank you for posting this. I think we just have to focus on the majority, who,like yourself, put everything into protecting the public at large and deterring those who might think of commiting the ultimate act. Your own diligence may have saved countless lives. You’ll never know of course but you can take considerable satisfaction from that thought.

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