A Criminals Mind – I’ve Sought, Interviewed, Arrested and Charged…


As the world celebrates Halloween, a little understanding on what goes on inside a criminals mind from a man who has sought, arrested, interviewed and charged them and is also an expert in body language. These people are often highly charming, persuasive and plausible – they have to be to lure their victims into their traps whatever type of crime they seek to commit. We have to be vigilant in deciding who we can trust, as the traits of a criminal are not written on their faces – if in fact we actually see them! Our crime novels might be fictional but the feelings, sights and emotions of DI Jack Dylan in relation to the perpetrators are written with 30yrs experience in the police force and 28 of them in CID. In fact the series which is co-authored by husband and wife team Carol and Bob Bridgestock have 47yrs experience in total in this field. The first in the Dylan series ‘Deadly Focus’ has 30 5* reviews (two editions) and its sequel released in June this year has 15 5* reviews, so far. A third is to be released at the beginning of next year. There is a promise of at least 6 in the series and each deal with a different crime and a way it is solved. It’s as near as you will ever get to fact in fiction. So for those who like to watch a horror movie between splayed fingers or behind a cushion these are also for you as you have the knowledge that the actual crimes are fiction. The novels are also in kindle and ‘Deadly Focus’ has just been released in an MP3 unabridged audio version narrated by the great Paul Ansdell ;-)

You can read more about some of the cases  Bob took charge of in his 30 yr career by googling Bob Bridgestock.

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