When The Clocks Go Back!

  Bob proud to be in uniform 1973 – well it is Halloween! ;-)

When the clocks go back!

Tis the season to wary,

Not because of Halloween, although that’s scary.

The clocks ’ave gone back and darkness draws in,

Now is the time the burglaries begin.


Don’t let your home be the one they spot.

In darkness, is anyone home? They think not.

Use timer switches for radios and lights,

Illuminate your home bright during these dark nights.


Put your mobile phone to good use and photograph valuable things,

Include serial numbers and those lovely rings.

Recovery of stolen property is usual when burglars are caught,

For every item an owner is sought.


If you spend time now and do things right,

The burglars will be locked up, not out at night.

So don’t leave it until later. Do it now!

No, you’re not busy, its important find time somehow.


So be alert keep your property safe and secure,

Look out for your neighbour too just to be sure.

If something suspicious is taking place,

Ring 999 the Police will arrive at pace.


Pass on information, be one of the mystery shoppers,

Use your phone to ring ‘crime stoppers’.

We all work hard for the things in our home and look after them with care,

So remember when the nights are dark the message is ‘burglars beware.’


Your home is your Castle,

And after working all day you don’t want to arrive home to hassle.

Security is really down to me and you,

Get switched on too.



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  • Great Bob, how interesting and thoughtful at this time of year with Security being paramount, everyone should read,

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