Bob’s December Rant! Ever the Optimist or am I just a Grumpy Old Man!

Bob’s December Rant!

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am an optimist. Well I’ve had to be since I’ve seen the worst of man’s inhumanity to man over my thirty year police career. Twenty eight of those years were in the Criminal Investigation Department, so I really did see it at its worst, at times. But I’ve always tried to look on the bright side of life, even in the darkest hour of a murder investigation.

Today however I am beginning to struggle to comprehend some of ‘our’ actions as I read today’s newspapers, or am I simply becoming a grumpy old man?

A coalition Government I know was never going to be ideal, but the idea was surely that they pulled together? Maybe no one actually told them that? As for the opposition, they simply aren’t. MP’s have never had less credibility and they continue to fail to impress. Members continue to lose numerous laptops. They are spending millions abroad –  £15 million on Columbian flatulent cows, and talking about wind over £60 million in assisting other countries to develop geo-thermal and wind power. Under the budget heading ‘International Aid’ we hand out millions but do we see value for our money. Where is the investment in the UK?

Talking of VFM (value for money) – who the hell came up with the following ideas?

  A ‘Fair Access Tsar’ to encourage the elite Universities to ‘let-in’ a wider range of students. Two days a week, working from home – earning £45,OOO per annum.

Police Commissioners – they’re now selecting deputies at an even greater expense. I thought the idea was to make this role a ‘one man’ post instead of several on a committee? These people can also keep their second jobs I hear but only two members of the public were allowed to apply.  Is anyone going to be upfront and tell us what other perks will be available to them? Once again this appears to be something that once again the majority didn’t vote for, and still don’t agree with, but hey, who cares – not the ones getting the salary for sure.

Big businesses don’t pay tax for years which is only now identified or action taken, can you imagine if that had been you or I not paying our dues?

We can’t even stop people outside the UK making millions by bombarding the British public with daily ‘nuisance’ telephone calls about PPI monies allegedly owed.

Neither can we evict from our Country major terrorists or Criminals. Human rights have been around for a long time, what happened to forward planning?

The old chestnut of ‘Decriminalisation of Drugs’ comes to the fore suggesting ‘A Royal Commission’. Come on everyone knows the destruction caused by drugs, so wouldn’t this be a licence to kill? The lower level drugs have and will remain the gateway to the more destructive drugs such as heroin, cocaine etc, etc and I have seen the ‘fall out’ many, many times. People suggest that ‘some’ drugs are no worse than cigarettes and alcohol but we also know really the misery they cause. They are regularly used in mitigation for committing crime, ‘It was to feed a habit or it was because they had taken a cocktail of drink or drugs,’ the defence solicitor will say.  Rubbish, they’re adults they know the consequences of their actions and should be held to account for it like anyone else.’

We have a duty of care. Do we really want to decriminalise drugs?  Some states in America have done and now sell marijuana flavoured lollipops to children or introduce drugs into lip balm? Is this what we want, a catalyst to addiction? Will they become used in everyday products? The war against drugs will always be difficult but it is necessary and we should continue to disrupt and destroy the importation. Not everything from America is good.

The Government needs to start listening to the majority, only then can they assist the minority. We need more investment at home, re-boot the housing market and not just for first time buyers.  We know that this market has a knock on effect for all industry. Put more Police on the streets not build further hierarchy and let’s create deterrents that make people think twice about offending in the UK. Giving cautions in some cases is just a mockery, ask any police officer.

 Imprisonment should mean just that. I see if you’re in prison you can go out daily using the prison as a B & B. Prison is supposed to be a last resort a punishment. It has become home for numerous prolific re- offenders simply returning to the hive when they can’t cope or don’t want to cope in the outside world.

Well I’ve got all that off my chest so that must be a Positive.

All that remains is to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2013.





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  • You ought to add stirring up the apathetic UK populace as well as give talks in your book travels. Start up a new political party: The Silent ‘Til Now party.

    At least now that you’re retired from the police you can let all this frustration out instead of letting it consume you. Well said.

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