A poem written about our book signing tour- how kind… Look out for ‘Reads Ramblings’ Coming Soon!

A real treat to our followers on the blog… An additional spot we’re calling ‘Reads Ramblings!’ Poems by Janet Read. Watch out for my ‘Close Up’ with Janet soon…

A poem written about us – how kind…

A poem sent to us about a book signing tour titled … Crime Writers – RC Bridgestock

Looking through the eyes of an accomplished crime writer and his wife
Feeling all the excitement and the troubles and the strife.
Making all the plans for a two week book signing tour
Heads spinning with arrangements, emails, blogs and more!!

Alarm clocks set at the …ready
The start date has finally come
Bags packed and car loaded
Hope it all turns out good fun.

Everyday is a different venue
With a different tale to tell.
Meeting and greeting with smiles galore
How fast will our books sell?

Deadly focus and Consequences to name just the first two books.
Real life scenario’s written how the crime scene looks.
Dealing with the trauma’s experiences and emotions.
A day in the real world of police work and all its commotions’.

The tour is near to ending
The reviews and sales have been great.
Radio, TV and the press have followed our plight
Our customers encouraging us to sit down and write.

We hope with all our hard work and dedication we are able to state our name to fame.
We have lots more books to follow on, that’s the name of the game.
Thank you to all the people we have met along the way and the hundreds that have been in touch via email’s to have their say.
R.C. Bridgestock signing out, until the next time, remembers the name and look out for our books, our special claims to fame.



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