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Janet Read




I have a little secret which I’ve kept untold

It’s been with me for a long time I cannot break the mould

No one else knows the details of this I’m very sure

I have to keep it forever, there really is no cure.


Whining, moaning and complaining will not get you anywhere

People try it everyday, but I really do not care

I will not release my secret to anyone whoever they maybe

This little secret stays here, nice and safe with me.


A colourful life I have lead, many a story I can tell you

If only I could put into words, I’m sure it would surprise you.

But like I said I cannot tell my secret remains untold

It will stay with me until the day, I am happy to get old.


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  • Once again another brilliant observation from the very talente Ms Read can’t wait for next wek’s installment. Thank you it is something to look forward to.

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