A special poem from ‘Read’s Ramblings’ – for the March 2013 launch of ‘White Lilies’ by RC Bridgestock


Janet Read



It’s another new novel hot off the press

‘White Lilies’ the title and it’ll impress

DI Jack Dylan and his team, here again to solve the crime,

Gathering clues in the shortest of time.


Searching here and there, no stone left unturned

No snippet of information is discarded or burned.

Carefully creating the profile of a killer

Investigating the facts, a strong minded fellow


Not One, not two, but THREE great novels are here

RC Bridgestock, give them a cheer

Working hard with fictional stories to tell

From past reports and experiences of hell.

Book signing tours about to take place

Getting from A to B; joining the rat race.

A superb part in the Isle of Wight Arts Festival

Along side the great names, oh what a thrill!

We’ll wave them on with great delight

Hoping their journey will continue just right.

Impatiently waiting for the next book to be come

And DC Jack Dylan’s next move: to surprise us.


So here’s to all you people out there on the internet

On twitter, facebook and your usual daily net

Tune into RC Bridgestock and follow the news

A great crime writing team: inspiring views.


Go on then, check it out, and you will find, that the

More you read, the more you can’t wait.

Time is of the essence and your input is gladly received

Help us to create the feedbacks needed to please.



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