From Hull, Hell & Halifax – Wednesday 18th April – Halifax WH Smith



Halifax is our home town. Bob & Carol were both born in Halifax General Hospital! Bob lived in the ‘Old Railway House’ at Ovenden where his dad worked for the Railway and Carol lived in King Cross. They both attended School’s in Halifax.

We woke up to rain in Halifax today and it never let up. By the time we reached the town the heavens had opened and we made a dash to the Halifax Courier Offices to see Virginia Mason for an interview for the Halifax Courier. We were soon to learn some very sad news as the ‘life blood’ of Halifax for 120 years -  ‘The Courier’ is to go to a once weekly pnewspaper from a daily issue. To say this is a sad day is an understatement – my dad even reads the newspaper every night on line from the Isle of Wight! Johnson Press  please reconsider how can you do this to the people of Halifax? Believe it or not this topic of converstion was the one each and every customer spoke to us about today – everyone in the town is truly shocked. Our interview should go in the newspaper on Saturday and here is Virginia and Rebecca who is on work experience  interviewing Bob and myself.



Virginia Mason from the Halifax Courier interviewing Bob

  Even the heavy rain didn’t stop people coming into WH Smiths to see us! We’ve had a wonderful day catching up with friends and many lovely people of Halifax. Here are just a few!

Jackie (Head of CPS in Consequences), Bob & Carol

Bob, Megan and Carol

Some of our Admin team at West Yorkshire Police! Bob, Janet, Carol, Dorothy,Beryl and Margaret.

Marina from CPS, Bob & Carol

Dorothy (Duties Clerk),Janet (Secretary),Bob,Wendy & Wendy


And last but definately not least our good friend Bill Lawrence from Reel Solutions in Dean Clough, Halifax who we are lucky enough to be working with.

Busy day tomorrow! Join us in Wakefield, Ridings, Waterstones if you can! Then we will be going on to Calendar TV!!!!!!!!!!! All excitement here!

Will update you tomorrow night but for now I’ll leave  you with a few interesting facts about Halifax.

Night All!

Some interesting facts you might not know about Halifax, West Yorkshire:-

Halifax had a ‘GIBBET’ from 1286 to 1650  where some 63 felons were beheaded, mostly for stealing cloth. It prompted the apocryphal beggars litany; From Hull, Hell and Halifax, good lord deliver us.’

The home of Percy Shaw, who in 1935 invented the remarkable ‘catseye’ reflecting road studs, is in Boothtown, Halifax, West Yorkshire – Carol’s auntie Mary cleaned for him for years!

And the notorious murderer John Reginald Halliday Christie (8 April 1899 – 15 July 1953) was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire. To read more…

Charles Dickens in 1860 after the reconstruction of the borough market denounced it as a dreadful place. We obviously don’t think so. It boasts some wonderful historic buildings.

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