Dealing with relationship anxiety – ‘Life Happens’ – Life Coaching Tips by Maggie Currie

Maggie Currie

Dealing with relationship anxiety


Anxiety in a relationship is very destructive and often leads to suspiciousness which in turn leads to worry about your partner not loving you, not caring as much as you do, being unfaithful and much more.  All of which fuels your anxiety. When you find yourself becoming  suspicious in your relationship, try to remember that it is probably being fuelled by your anxiety.  


Give yourself permission to explore for any real information that may support your worry.  But remember that this information does not support your worry.  Also, if your partner is patient and understanding of your anxiety, ask for occasional reassurance as this will be very helpful  to you as well.


Perhaps your worry is that you are too “needy” in your relationship.  For instance do you need constant reassurance and want your partner to regularly prove that things are really ok.  Sometimes anxiety can put pressure on you to become overly needy and this is a major cause of relationship stress.


If this is sounding true for you, then you will need to find ways to cope with your anxiety and learn to rely more on yourself for feeling better, which will take the pressure off your partner.  It also allows you to become more self-sufficient, even in your anxiety.  For instance, allow yourself to reassure yourself instead of turning to your partner for comfort each time you are anxious. Take the time to think more positively.


When you are anxious you can create all kinds of ideas in your imagination that appear so intolerable that you feel compelled to take impulsive and totally misguided actions.  You may find yourself jumping to conclusions, making decisions that are destined to fail or behaving in a totally childish manner, sulking and demanding attention. Try and find a solution that will relieve your stress and won’t result in increasing your problems further.


Learning to trust your intuition is an important part of reducing your anxiety.  It is vital to slow down, think through anything you are considering doing and following your intuition. Make the effort to stop listening to that nagging voice that is telling you something is wrong .  It is very likely when you slow down and think rationally that you will find a better solution and you will reduce your stress.


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