Our Poetry Spot! ‘Read’s Ramblings’ A New Adventure!


Janet Read


 A shiver of excitement trickles down your back.

Where are you going, is this the right track?

To pastures new of-course where else is there to go,

A life to live and adventures to explore


Life is what you make it, isn’t that what everyone says?

Pastures new beckons each one of us, each and every day

Turn another corner and see what you can find

Another beautiful vision and a great peace of mind


The world is full of wonders and many pastures new

You must explore more and plenty, not just a few

Go on epic journeys and take the world by storm

Turn your life around this day not just noon till dawn


A spirit of adventure made to be explored

So many ways to pastures new, never to be ignored

Such a big decision, which way your life will go

One thing to remember it will always love you so.






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