Huddersfield – ‘Deadly Focus’ goes to No.10 in the top 30 Watestones charts this week! Calendar TV out to film book signing!



The imposing ‘Castle Hill’ towers above the industrial town of Huddersfield. The tower it self stands 900 feet above sea level and was completed in 1899 to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign and can be seen for miles around the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire, Bronte Country.

Bob started his first tour of duty as a police officer in Huddersfield where he was a patrol officer and later went into the Vice Squad, Burglary Squad and CID. The largest multiple murder in West Yorkshire for 40 years (now) was the Huddersfield fire,  where three generations of the same family were murdered – Bob took charge of this in 2002 – read more…

Not surprisingly our novels are based in Harrowfield, a fictional town based loosely on Huddersfield and Halifax where our Yorkshire Detective Jack Dylan and his partner Jen works.

Today we were back on home turf and therefore we have lots of news and pic’s as we met up with old and new friends. ‘Deadly Focus’ whizzed into the No. 10 spot in the top 30 bestsellers in Huddersfield on Wednesday – never known before for a local author.

No. 10 in the Bestseller table before we got there!

And just look at whose around us! Wow!

Once again Calendar TV was out to film us. Infact you might have seen Victoria later on reading Calendar news – she’s a girl with many talents!

Victoria Whittam filming Bob and his first (CID partner) Yvonne for Calendar TV.

Local police came out to mingle with the community, taking fingerprints which was fun for the children and handing out advice to the local people.

 My ‘little’ brother Steve, Bob, Carol and Sister in law Amanda!

Here are a few pic’s of the day.

 Bob signing a book for the first partner he worked with in CID Yvonne (Katy). He hasn’t see her for 30yrs and all being filmed by Calendar TV! Bob says Yvonne was one of the best detectives he ever worked with – if not ‘the’ best.

 Being filmed for Calendar TV.

  And here is our PC Tracy Petterson (Consequences)!

 Our Grand daughter Hermione (left) and her friend Grace proudly show off Nana and Grandad’s books!


 Some of the wonderful staff at Waterstones Hudds who kept us supplied with refreshments! Thank you so very much!

Joanna and Andrew who came all the way from Scarborough to see us! Thank you so much guys it’s much appreciated!

Bob and retired Detective Roger Parnell – another of Bob’s colleagues. who did an incredible 36 years loyal service!

Our six months pregnant daughter Gemma came to see us with her hubby Andy! Next time we travel north to see Gemma we will have another grandchild! :-)  

A special event for the day in our home town. Huddersfield customers only.

Amanda picking the name out of the hat …. drum roll…. and Fearne Robinson will appear, character named in book 5 of the ‘Dylan’ series!

And last but definately not least our son John! Once father and son start laughing there is no stopping them!


And we leave Waterstones Huddersfield, tired but very happy to have seen so many lovely smiling, happy faces.

See you again soon guys with the third in the Dylan series ‘White Lilies’!

Tea at the lovely Prego’s in Brighouse!

 Tomorrow we will travel to Stratford Upon Avon. We will be signing books there for World Book Day! Excited!

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