It’s Thursday so it’s ‘Read’s Ramblings!’ New Authors


Janet Read

New Authors

So much to do with so little time

Trying to do the housework whilst writing lines on crime

Not easy having a deadline to which we need to meet

This must be what they mean when they say

‘Thinking on your feet’.


What started with us together with a list of things to do

 Has now become an obsession and we’ve written books 1 & 2

It’s really unbelievable how our books are doing  well

But whether we get rich and famous, only time will tell.


If you’ve not already read the works of an RC Bridgestock’s novel

Then let me introduce you to the pair called Bob & Carol.

Their first book Deadly Focus, a huge successful hit

The second ‘Consequences’ will have you chomping at the bit.


White Lilies is the third book, soon to be revealed

A book signing tour in the future, but till then keep your lips sealed.

We are sure its going to be exciting and a series is beginning to form

New Authors in the making, taking you by storm.



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