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Maggie Currie

‘Life Happens’

And when it does, here’s help on how to cope!

Don’t move  – Improve the one you have!


House moving may be a good idea, but are you really looking forward to moving to a new house with all those hidden costs, solicitors’ fees, removal expenses etc., and all the other niggly things involved? 

Will you need to replace the carpets, curtains, tiles, wallpaper, bathroom fittings – will your cat like your new garden, will your dog like the next door neighbour?

Moving house can bring up all sorts of issues! A chance to get rid of the clutter and excess possessions, and, of course, the emotional issues associated with those things.

But why do you have to move to clear your clutter?

Before you make the decision to move, why not set aside a long weekend, say Thursday to Monday to focus on clearing your clutter and excess possessions, but stay in the property you are living in. 

Don’t go to work, don’t answer emails.  Pretend you are on holiday for those five days and really get stuck into it.  If it hasn’t been used for a year or more, get rid of it. If you just don’t like it any more, get rid of it.  By getting rid of the clutter and the excess possessions you will you have more room, and you will save yourself a lot of money and heartache.

No waiting for estate agents to get their finger out, no waiting for the solicitors to complete the sale.  No waiting around for removal lorries.  No heaving of huge pieces of furniture up and down narrow staircases. You could even make some money selling some of your excess possessions at boot sales or on auction sites. 

Use that money to make some minor changes to your home, perhaps a new rug or lampshade.  You could even have a ‘not moving’ party.

Re-arrange the rooms and the furniture to how you would really like it to be.  Why be ‘conventional’? If your view from the upstairs is much better than the view from the downstairs, relocate your living room to upstairs and make the most of the vista.

Use your heart as the decision maker, it doesn’t matter if it’s still useful or serviceable, if it doesn’t make your heart sing, get rid of it. Listen to your heart. What in your life truly makes your heart sing? How much space are you really giving to these ‘things’?





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