Just one moment in time and beyond our wildest dreams as authors…

TUESDAY 24TH APRIL 2012 and beyond…

The journey continued South, homeward bound on the 24th April 2012. We travelled through the New Forest to Lymington before crossing on the ferry back to the Island. Funnily enough it was the same ferry we had set out on – was it only 12 days before…

Before I give you all the exciting news Bob and I would like to thank everyone we have met along our ‘journey’ for their hospitality and friendship – please keep in touch! Thank you to the other authors in the Caffeine Night Publishing stable for their support – you are amazing guys. Please check them out – http://www.caffeine-nights.com/ And last but not least the biggest thank you to Darren E Laws our publisher who is simply ‘the best’ – we couldn’t have done it without you.

 We are on facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – you can connect with us here through our website www.rcbridgestock.com.

But before I go there is more exciting news …

Not only were we over the moon to be asked onto BBC Radio Leeds, Wes Butters show (listen again here @ http://www.caffeine-nights.com/news.html) but as you know we were ‘chuffed’ to be filmed by a TV crew to two of our signings; and instead of having a ‘quick chat’ on the sofa on ITV Calendar News they are putting a ‘film piece’ together which will be shown in the near future. As I can’t post you the ‘piece’ as yet here is a little about Calendar TV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendar_(TV_programme)

‘Consequences’ achieved the No.1 place in the Bestsellers Chart at Waterstones in Newport, IOW on the same week Hunger Games came out. Both titles achieved the No.3 place in the Bestsellers Charts in Huddersfield.

 Huddersfield Waterstones Friday 27th April 2012

 Just look who is around us? :-)

 Best Magazine article – Issue date 1st May 2012

Writers News article issue date 12th June 201

Now, the news you’ve all been waiting for. As you are aware before the tour we asked people if they’d like to put their name in the policeman’s hat to be character-named in a book, in the ‘Dylan’ crime series. By the end of the tour we had one very full helmet!

During our time spent in Huddersfield as you can see from our blog posts we had a special draw for that day only as Huddersfield is our hometown. Fearne Robinson was the name picked out that day by the Manager of the Huddersfield store – you can see the pictures on our blog for Saturday 21st April.

Since we had so many entries at the end of the tour we decided to pick out two names. The first was a lady by the name of Mavis Beanland who we both remembered really well.  We met her in Bradford Wool Exchange and Mavis told us she is a real fan of crime fiction.  We actually took a picture of Mavis with Bob for our blog that day! She will be helping the team solve a crime in Book four of the series which is called ’Snow Kills’! Well done Mavis!

The second name chosen was Daniel Jones who wanted to specifically be a Forensic Pathologist in a novel, he said on his entry. He will be helping Dylan and his team in Book 5 of the series.

There were so many fantastic names we could use for characters in our hat and if we can use more of these in the future we will do. Before we do we will obviously let you know.

Until then… keep reading and enjoying!

And now… we better get writing!

Till next time!

You’re the best,

Carol & Bob xx





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