Jul 10, 2013

Follow our journey as we start work with the TV Production Teams!

Just to keep RC Bridgestock followers in the’ loop’, we have just returned from two’ whistle stop’ trips to Manchester for meetings with Red Production Company this month. Here is a link for you to see the award winning work they have done so far http://www.redproductioncompany.com/ 

To say they are brilliant and we are loving working with two amazingly talented teams is an understatement!!!!

We will update you when we’re allowed.

In the meantime for those who will never get to see the Granada Studios now it has closed it’s doors, or neable to visit the new Media City, there are some pictures for you included in our ‘trip’ blog.

After a lovely smooth crossing, from the Island, via Wightlink ,we  had a short train journey from Lymington Pier to Brockenhurst Station and as you can see it was very quiet – fingers crossed for a nice quiet journey cross country to Manchester Piccadilly!

Just short of five hours later Manchester Piccadilly Station looks very different…

But thanks to a black cab taxi we are sat drinking something nice and cool at the Victoria & Albert Marriot Hotel in Manchester ten minutes later! ;-)


Yes, it was so warm we even managed our evening meal outside.

Across the road from the Victoria and Albert Marriot Hotel http://www.marriott.co.uk/hotels/travel/manva-manchester-marriott-victoria-and-albert-hotel/ is the old Granada Studios which is still owned by ITV. This is where our meeting is tomorrow! Giddy with excitement!


Too excited to sleep in we took a walk around Manchester before our meeting at 12 o’clock with Red Production Companies Executive Producer and the production team.

Bob & Carol just outside the security gates – being a real tourists!!

Passed security we were led into the foyer – I can only imagine the ‘stars’ that have passed through these doors… 

Our meeting was held in one of the Green rooms where ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ amongst other fabulous shows were filmed. Fantastic place to ’story & plot’! Come with us into the foyer and down the corridors of Granada Land…

 This picture of our ‘Hilda’ from the long running ITV soap opera Coronation Street  is for sale  for £350.00!

The Jeremy Kyle show is/was filmed here since it started.

And who can remember these fiesty ladies in the picture below?

Yes, my guilty face obviously! Caught in the ‘act’ on the way out by one of the very famous actors following us down the steps! I guess I’ll never live this one down. ;-/

Our second trip gave us a three day turnaround before driving up to Manchester for a meeting this time with the production team for BBC 1 commissioned kidnap drama series  ’Happy Valley’ that we are working on  http://www.cultbox.co.uk/news/headlines/5778-bbc-one-orders-happy-valley-kidnap-drama including the very talented  BAFTA  winning scriptwriter Sally Wainwright. 

This time we stayed at the ‘Holiday Inn in the brand new complexin Manchester they’ve nameded ‘Media City’ http://www.mediacityuk.co.uk/ I can’t begin to recreate the quality of these shots http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Manchester+Media+City&qpvt=Manchester+Media+City&FORM=IGRE but below are some of our own.

A view from one of the windows in our hotel room… excited or what? If you look carefully some people have spotted spaceships in the sky… but why not in the BBC building are the Daleks and Dr Who’s police box!




Looking over the bridge to the ITV studios at night.


Our hotel room had a wall full of windows! We could see Manchester City Football Ground!

You have to be there to appreciate the size of this place.


And another view…

And so to bed… again too excited to sleep…

Half a day spare we managed to pop over the boarder to see our two grand daughters and have a meal with the children. Magic or what? :-)

Since the journey home is over three hundred miles we decided to stay over at Eynsham Hall Hotel in Witney. Yes, it was as lovely as it looks http://www.eynshamhall.com/

Well guys, here is our ferry home so until we can update you! Keep well and safe!

Carol & Bob xx



  • Brilliant, Carol, and so exciting for you.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    Being local, I think it’s was probably Man. United’s ground that you could see across the water. Not that I like that view, being a blue! ;-)


  • How exciting! Oh, God, you’ll be getting too grand to talk to me next. :-(

    What’s a girl to do?

    Wish my writing life was that thrilling.

  • Really a fantastic sharing ! Thanks for sharing your journey,it was so much enjoyable
    and full of excitement.

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