Shelagh Brennand – My History! Author of ‘A Stroke? Not me – I’m only 49!

My history

I’ve been on this site for over a week and you know nothing about me
So, here I go, in true verse form, are you sitting comfortably?

My name is Shelagh , that you know, I’m sure there’s more to tell
I had my stroke five months ago but most days I feel quite well

I live on the sunny Coast in Queensland, with my ‘nearly’ 12 year old son
My husband has a FIFO job so since my stroke, that’s not been fun

We emigrated five years ago, a business visa was our thing
My husband set things up from scratch, he’s into data cabling

Months of doing ‘Ladies that lunch’ it was time to get off my bum
So I got my Private Investigators licence, and wow, that has been fun

I was a UK cop for 25 years, so this was something I could do
Investigations, loved them all, ’til my stroke and now my brain is full of goo

No physical ailments do I have, except that terrible fatigue
But brain ache, migraines, although now much less, are definitely in my league

Most days I’m out, I function well, and feel quite positive
But when those bad days come along, I feel I cannot live

The mental thing, it gets me down, when these days, they have no meaning
Then a few days hence, they’ve gone again, so weird, but so relieving

My brain won’t work the same just yet, but maybe it will in time
To keep myself so occupied, I tend to write things down in rhyme

I’ve more stored up, in my silly brain, and some I’ve just let go
About my life since I had my stroke, so if you want to read them, let me know

As a friend said, it doesn’t matter, whether your stroke was bad or mild like mine
I’ve a common thread with stroke survivors, to help us all get through this time

So to all the readers on this blog, I really should just say
Thanks for reading my poems and have a lovely today.

A little bit of history


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