A note from DI Jack Dylan…

Dear Reader,

My creators are seasonal police officers with almost half a century of experience between them. They are driven to write the Detective Inspector Dylan series by detailing the true facts of major incident investigations through their fictional work.

Which parts of the novels are fact or fiction I will leave that for you to decide.

The narrative aims to educate, entertain and amuse you with fast moving story lines.

One thing you can be sure of is that you will never be far from my side throughout every investigation. You will get to know me and that means getting first-hand experience of what a real life Senior Investigating Officer really thinks and feels on the job. As well a coming home with me to Jen my wife, daughter Maisy and Max our Golden Retriever to see how the job affects our home life.

Be prepared for your emotions to be taken on a roller coaster ride as you with me become enthralled in the role of a real life investigator.

Who, when, where, why, what and how will be the most used words in your vocabulary.

Who strives for justice for the victims and their family? We do.

When are we available? We are 24/7 always on call.

Where are we located ? Harrowfield, Yorkshire, Northern England

What makes a good detective? We never assume. We deal in facts.

How will we find the killer(s)? We are relentless. We start each
investigation by clearing the
ground beneath our feet.
All the time searching for
and seizing evidence.

Being a detective is a job that requires stamina and an inbuilt mechanism to cope with the
sadness, violence and perverted addictions our fellow human beings inflict upon each other.

However remember you are not the Judge.Your role is to solve the mystery, arrest the perpetrator(s) and bring them before a Court of Law.

We often have to subdue our personal emotions which sometimes are pushed to the very limits.

Are you up to the challenge?

Jack Dylan.
Detective Inspector.
Senior Investigating Officer.

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