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The new West Yorkshire Police forensic technology suite was recently opened by Sir Alec Jeffrey, has been named after him for his pioneering breakthrough in the development of DNA fingerprinting. This changed the way we police and prosecute offenders. It is a great development, as will be the forensic technology suite, which has opened at Keighley, again a great investment.
With the new state of the art MIT suites, the major investigation teams now have the ability to have ‘real time’ filming straight from the scene to the briefing room. The suites are at the cutting edge of preventing and detecting crime.
It has been suggested that even the senior investigating officer, the person in charge, wouldn’t need to go to the scene as they would be able to see everything on screen. Armchair detectives or TV detectives? Hopefully this will not happen and the person in charge will always attend scenes and allow their emotions and senses  to understand and feel what had taken place ,’real time’ first-hand, there is no substitute. Whilst film is extremely helpful it can also make it difficult to understand the whole essence of a scene. Basics need to be remembered as technology moves forwards.
Great investments? Most certainly but lurking still in the undergrowth are the police commissioner a.k.a white elephants. They have their pensions secured, wouldn’t they have more support as volunteers which the Country keeps crying out for, instead of  being highly paid(with additional expenses of course). Or are they, as people suggest PC’s – Political Commissioners ?
Whilst the above development is excellent, even more so in a time of recession, are we forgetting one thing. That our greatest investment is in ‘PEOPLE’?
So now we have state of the heart infrastructure and cutting edge technology, can we please make PEOPLE now a priority, so they do not feel deflated, devalued and disillusioned.
We should never forget that on a daily basis that ‘PEOPLE’ are at the fore in the life threatening arena for the good of us all. Our support and respect for them is essential. As an retired Senior Investigating Officer with numerous accolades for the investigation of serious crime I worry that  without the right people doing the job we will all suffer in the future.



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