Anger over flash cars for top police – I always knew they had their ‘head in the clouds’ about some issues but no one can think this is right can they?



If one had a static holiday caravan, one would feel grateful for the Chancellors u-turn ensuring the VAT rise isn’t going to happen. Who knows, perhaps even celebrate with a hot savoury pastry, which is now affordable; or a barbeque with the ‘never mind the calories,’ vast amount of food some supermarkets are offering us which includes a bottle of Ketchup. Please note Doctors will not be available for severe stomach pains, due to a strike, so make sure you cook your meals properly. Be careful you don’t fall asleep afterwards and miss any of the Leveson Inquiry – Oh, you’re bored with that too?

European economies and dreams are shattered and we are riding a double dip recession making severe and savage cuts, which are essential. Shops and businesses close and we have almost four million households where no-one has a job, yet if you are the Mayor of Salford you can have thirteen assistants, all necessary of course, if we believe what we read?

Genuinely I felt disappointed and even ashamed when I read this headline in the Yorkshire Post this week though …

If you are a Police Chief you are still entitled to the ‘top of the range’ Jaguars, Audi, BMW’s etc. the choice is yours – No cuts for them at ‘the top’.  They may need to buy to a SAT NAV though for their drivers, using the service credit card of course, as there will be no beat officers to ask directions. Nationally, thousands could be saved on this ‘perk’. This is described by the press office as part of overall package to attract the right candidate – tongue in cheek I guess since the people having to put a positive spin on the announcement are fighting for their own jobs yet again. Is this three times in as many years? I can’t imagine the pressure this puts them under. Is it not true that saving could be used to put at least twelve Police officers back on the beat in the West Yorkshire Police force alone? I dread to think what the costly Police Commissioners will ride around in and have as an ‘incentive to attract the right candidate’!

It appears that yet again the Civil Service credit card is the best one to have, (part of a that employment package of course), which racks up millions of pounds in expenses  every year; isn’t it right that in some areas this expense to the public purse is actually over a billion?  A promised clampdown recommends; fewer bookings at 5* hotels and a spending on alcohol – yes, checks will be carried out now they say on all transactions. As if people of this ilk would abuse them? Such harsh recommendations!

‘Lead by example’ leaves a bitter taste right now. ‘I’m alright Jack’ goes to the top of the charts. I don’t blame the present Government or envy their task, being left with empty coffers, watched no doubt by the smiling Blairs’ and Mandelsons ‘ with their lucrative deals . Do they feel the bite of the recession? I think not.

Enough moaning! It’s the Queens Jubilee. We’re in Europe for the football, Wimbledon is just around the corner and of course we have the Olympics in England this year, we’ve a lot to be proud of and look forward to.

The other option is to read/listen to a good book -  e-book, paper back or hardback whatever your preference and escape for a while from reality.

My dad used to say, ‘The higher up a tree you go my lad, the more of your arse you show. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself and remember, those at the top have a long way to fall, and fall I know they do.’



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