Waterstones Poole, Dorset, England – And The Home of Poole Pottery!

The first day of our southern tour of Waterstones and we’re in the most delightful spot – Poole, Dorset.

We left ‘Our Living Room’  at 9.30 after having a lovely breakfast made by Andy, in delightful surroundings with marvellous hosts.’ You won’t know this but our host has a  part in the new film ‘Looper’! You’ve got to meet Andy! :)

The beautiful ornate front door of ‘Our Living Room’.


Unfortunately it was raining.


Bob & Carol at Portsmouth Waterstones


    Bob with Ellie Groves whose on work experience – Hi Ellie!

Waterstones Poole – Just outside the Dolphin Shopping Centre - before the deluge of rain!

 Bon with Gillian and Gavin who were on holiday from Bradford!  Hi guys! Hope the weather got better for you or at least ‘DI Dylan’ kept you entertained.

More info on Poole!

But for now it’s back to ’The Living Room’ and we’re off to Cafe Rouge for our tea!

The Westbourne Arcade where we walked through to get back to ‘The Living Room’.


Poole Harbour is the largest natural harbour in Britain. It was formed at the end of the last ice age when what was a valley was filled by rising seas.

Did you know that what can be regarded as the world’s earliest radio station was set up by Marconi at the Haven Hotel , Sandbanks in Poole? He built a transmitter there in 1899.

Did you know that Sandbanks in Poole is the most expensive place to live in Europe? Even during the financial crisis one plot was advertised in 2009 for roughly £10,000 per square metre.

Famous Poole people:

David Croft
John Le Carre
Thomas Bell

Poole is also famous for it’s pottery. http://www.poolepottery.co.uk/content/about.asp and this site gives you more information about the pottery and images of designs.

This is a piece that Carol’s mum and dad bought in the 1960′s. We understand it is called a Conch Shell.


Tonight we have met the local ‘The Living Room Writers’ who were meeting here. Lovely to meet you guys & gals! Good luck with your writing! Remember keep writing through the ‘sticky patches’! :) I know we’ll keep in touch! :)


Well it’s late now – so till tomorrow… We’ll be back with the update on our days book signing at Bournemouth Arcade!


Night All!


C & B

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