Jul 11, 2012


It was sunshing today! Yeah!

We left our new friends at ‘Our Living Room’ … but we’ll be back guys! :) If you’re going to stay in Bournemouth we can’t recommend this place highly enough, and the hosts can’t do enough for you – like being at home with a house full of staff to spoil you! Wonderful!

We battled through the one way system in Bournemouth this morning, which was not a joy! You know what it’s like when you can see the place you want to get to, not 100yrd away, and can’t work out how to get to it? Well it was one of those moments with a big concrete precinct between us and Waterstones! Being resourceful I used the dumb blonde routine and a taxi driver very kindly showed us the way. :-)

The staff at Waterstones were a joy to be with. We had a great spot infront of the double doors – a proper little ‘Authors Corner’! Lisbeth the Events Manager was introducing her avid readers to us all day. Stephanie looked after us too and Lisa the Manager invited us back – what more could we want?


Bournemouth Arcade Waterstones


Carol, Events Manager Lisbeth and Store Manager Lisa

Chloe is doing work experience at Waterstones and had her picture taken with Bob. She was a busy little bee all day!

Bournemouth Waterstones in the most glorious of surrounding of the Arcade. We were actually in the window! :)

 We left Bournemouth at just after six o’clock and hit the road again for Lymington where we are book signing tomorrow. The car parking in Bournemouth is expensive at £11.90 per day and since the store has no loading bay it is a trek to the store with promotion boards and stock. All part of the fun though! We did nearly have a fit when we got back to the car park to find that both ticket machines had broken down… There was no way to pay for our stay and no one there to let us out! eek! Luckily a council employee came to our aid. Thanks Matt!

 One customer who was on holiday when we visted Lymington last time is travelling all the way from Oxford to see us for a signed copy of ‘Consequences’, how lovely is that? And Kim, one of the writers from the Our Living Room Writers we met on Tuesday night is coming from Bournemouth to see us too. Looking forward to seeing you both. :)

Bob and I are staying at Stanwell House Hotel tonight. http://www.stanwellhousehotel.co.uk/ The hotel is directly opposite Waterstones in Lymington – hence the choice. Living out of a suitcase isn’t all it’s made out to be … imagine packing up every morning and moving your belongings around every day!

Stanwell House Hotel is lovely, lots of history to the old place and we’ve even got a four poster bed but the other guests downstairs in the bar/restaurant are so noisy that until they go I don’t see us watching the television or going to sleep. For all its pomp and grandeur give me ’Our Living Room’ anyday! Miss you guys!

Tomorrow I have a real treat as I am meeting my ‘best buddie’ since I was 7 yrs old for lunch. Bob has kindly said he’d hold the fort for an hour … Bless him…

Till tomorrow guys & girls!

Night All!

C & B

Did you know that in Bournemouth on 12th July 1910 Rolls Royce co-founder Charles Rolls became the first British man to be killed in an aircraft crash? He was a true aviation pioneer, having crossed the channel by balloon in 1906, and made the first two-way crossing of those same waters in an airplane only a month before his fatal crash . Rolls made more than 200 flights in his Wright Flyer, made under license by Short Bros. Perhaps that usage was the cause of its tail breaking off with deadly consequences for the pilot.

Did you know that Percy Shelley’s heart is interred in St Peter’s Church , Bournemouth? Its arrival there was rather late: Percy Shelley drowned in 1822 while boating off Livorno; his body washed ashore and was cremated on the beach. His friend Edward Trelawny somehow grabbed the heart from the flames and presented it to Mary Shelley who kept it with her thereafter. It was only when his son, Percy Florence Shelley, died in 1889 that he and his father’s heart were both placed in the family vault.

Famous Bournemouth people:

Anthony Blunt
Hubert Parry
Radclyffe Hall
Virginia Wade


  • Good to read about your trip and glad you’re getting a bit of sunshine! xxx

    • Hi Ali!

      It was a pleasure to get the odd glimpse of sunshine – but we saw more rain … Lot’s of nice people to chat to. We ran out of time and sometimes a weak internet connection some days so I will be catching up with the blog today – albeit a bit late!

      Hope to catch up with you in August when we are ‘up’ north. xx

  • It was a real pleasure meeting the pair of you today and hope the interview went well for Radio leeds. Have post links about you on Cathys facebook page and given a plug for your booksignings hopefully someone will turn up and say hello today or tomorrow


    nic HT the torchbearers husband

    • Hi Nic!

      It was such a pleasure to meet you at BBC Radio Solent – early start for us both that morning wasn’t it? :-)
      Seeing you and meeting Cathy on Saturday at the Portsmouth book signing was lovely. Cathy is such an inspiration to us all and what a lovely lady – you’re love for each other is a joy to see. Carrying the Olympic Torch is such an honour but no more than she deserves. We will keep in touch! Good luck for today to you both. We’ll be thinking about you and looking out for you on the TV. Carol & Bob xx

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