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I have a positive outlook on most challenges in life, however at present I struggling to comprehend the continued dilution of our Police service.

During the past 20 years the emphasis in policing has been about performance and its monitoring, cutting costs whenever and wherever. This major focus remains a number one priority, crime and public order are simply distractions from the paperwork attributed to this.

We need to remember that officers have died in the line of duty,  are shot, stabbed, beaten to death or killed by vehicles. Gun crime has trebled and officer’s numbers are at their lowest for a decade facing like many other groups pay freezes and increased pension contributions. Yet we hear comments such as ‘We must ask Police Officers to do more for less.’

We are talking about devoted servants of the Crown, who put their lives at risk on a daily basis protecting others what more could be asked of these men and women?

The flesh has been removed and the service is a mere skeleton of what it used to be and as for the heart, dare I suggest it has been well and truly ripped out! Is this a duty of care under health and safety, or is it too late with one foot already in the grave?

It seems to me like a bleak horizon for the world renowned and respected law enforcers.

Political Commissioners — Lucrative deals for senior officers to ensure compliance? And now the Home Secretary appoints a ‘Police Watchdog’ with no experience of the ‘real’ world of policing. Perhaps confirming why she gets the ‘vote of no confidence’.

Policing in this Country continues to be diluted beyond belief and in the future no doubt a ‘time team’ will be employed to discover whatever happened to the thin blue line.

But what will replace the ‘British Bobby’ one asks? Profit making privatisation, offering VFM (value for money)? Street walkers or vigilantes driven by cost alone? I dread to think who the sleeping partners would be in these industries or who as a hand in ensuring fair distribution of the relevant lucrative contracts.

One industry that appears to be booming in a time of world recession is the Governments ‘lip service’ who like those before them are NOT listening to the people. What this Country needs is to absolutely support its Emergency Services – a duty of care to its population.

I finish on a positive note. I am proud to have had a distinguished career as a Police officer, having spent thirty years policing the community with loyal and devoted service but I fear this will be soon a thing of the past.

Whilst I now continue to write crime fiction the Government in my view needs to embrace reality! A new Home Secretary perhaps, and one that cares for the Public and the Queens peace.

Yours faithfully,


Bob Bridgestock. Former Detective Superintendent, West  Yorkshire Police.


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