Part 1. What do Babies, Book Signings, Breaking News on the BBc, Castles, Princesses, Jane Austen, Knights and Ghosts have in common?

A two week trip for us on the mainland!

Sunday 5th August saw our latest adventure begin! As always the Wightlink Ferry, our favourite crossing Yarmouth to Lymington, was wonderful – the sea likened to a duck pond.

This ferry passed us going towards the Island full of holiday makers who waved to us! Always really puts me in the holiday mood.

 The view from ‘The Bridge’ as Wight Light heads for Lymington harbour!

Hey, this isn’t a holiday Bob! You’re off to work! The Audio enhanced, unabridged version of ‘Deadly Focus’ is here!

Just for you, you can now listen to the first two chapter of ‘Deadly Focus ‘ narrated by the fantastic and very talented Paul Ansdell via Electric Breeze Audio Production! Thank you! You’re absolutely fabulous!!!
Book Plugs

The car to Bob’s horror is always full to bursting with the things I ‘just have to take with me when we leave the Island,’ if you remember last time the boot was so full it wouldn’t lock,  but this time I had an excuse, our daughter had just given birth to a little girl and we were going to visit, Annabelle Rene Beckwith (Bella) was born on the 31st July 2012 at 8pm. Here she is from the 20 week scan to her being born and in her Nana’s arms! Bella might be our little princess but there is more about princesses later…

  20 week scan – sex unknown

 Bella a few hours old.

 Bella two weeks old


Now I don’t know about you but ‘touring’ for me is not a pleasure  and goodness knows how people do it on a regular basis. Maybe they get used to only packing what they need for each stop over? Bob would ‘give his right arm’, as they say, for me to learn that trick!

We stayed in the Best Western, Weston Hall Hotel in Bulkington on our journey north for one night only as we were eager to meet the new addition to our family. The room we were given was in the newer part of the building  and although it hadbeen recently upgraded it smelt like the drains were blocked – urgh! Not a good start. However, the manager was really nice and moved us to the main building and a glorious, sunny, south facing room with big windows overlooking the front of the building. The staff were great and the food was good. Olympic finals on the big screen, what more could we ask for? We will be back!

Weston Hall, Bulkington

As you can imagine we were eager to set off the next day to meet the new addition to our family.

 My first cuddle with my grand daughter.

 Our six year old grand daughter Hermione with her new cousin.

Birthdays, book signings, princesses, knights and ghosts to come!

Be back tomorrow with Part 2. :)

Carol & Bob  x







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